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  • Quantum Dots Film ( 量子点色彩增强膜 )
  • 2018-01-04
  • Mogreat's quantum dots film ( MoColor ) is  quantum dots encapsulated into a sandwich structure, which the upper and lower layers are PET films or similar, it is used with blue LED, placed it on the light guide plate ( or straight down type diffuser ). Blue light is transformed into a very narrow spectrum white light through the quantum dot film to achieve the purpose of enhancing the color gamut . Quantum dot film ( MoColor ) features: higher brightness, better stability, less invalid edge (<1mm), longer service  life ( 30000-50000h ) .  

                     Regular Roll Width : 1m    /    Monthly Output Capacity : 500000㎡

      QD Film Properties : 

    Product applications :

    Quantum dot film is widely used in LCD TV, LCD monitor , laptop computer, tablet computer, smart phone, navigator, vehicle touch display and Industrial control display and other functional displays. ( Quantum dot displays: quantum dot TV, quantum dot smart phone, quantum dot tablet, optical conversion components, photoelectric conversion components, quantum dot solar cells, etc. ) 

    Compared with the traditional LCD technology which Uses normal LED as backlight source, quantum dot display technology has the following advantages:

    1. High & wide color gamut, the most real image color is restored ( the color gamut increasesed more than 40%, and the 100% BT2020 standard can be achieved ).

    2. Quick response speed, short time of afterglow (The afterglow time is usually dozens of nanoseconds, no residual image, drag-tail, etc.)

    3. High reliability and long service life ( below 80℃ can be used for 30000hours, conform to the life requirements of the 30000h L70 ).

    4. The differentiation of backlight source can be customized ( compatible with conventional backlight module, easy to implement surface backlight ).

    5. Lower energy consumption and more energy saving and environmental protection ( reducing energy consumption by 30-35% ).

    6. Competitive price advantages. 


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