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  • 40nm Silver Nanowires ( Model: MGT-NW-S40)
  • 2016-01-20
  • Silver nanowire is a kind of grayish powder and can be dispersed in different solvents ( such as water, ethanol, isopropanol ) to generate colloidal suspensions. The diameters are controllable at nanometer scale, typically from about ten to several hundred nanometers and lengths can reach tens of micron scale depending on the preparation conditions. 

    Silver nanowires have many excellent features, such as smaller diameter (Ave.D=40nm), higher length-diameter ratio (>1000 ), higher purity (>99.95%), and better dispersibility ( water or oil based solvents ). Silver nanowires are very suitable for manufacturing the new generation flexible transparent electrode. Using these Silver nanowires, the flexible transparent electrode can have lower sheet resistance (<50ohm/sq), and higher transmission (>98%) and lower haze (<1%)after precision coating on PET substrates. And silver nanowires transparent conductive Film ( AgNW TCF ) is the best alternative to traditional indium tin oxide Film ( ITO Film ).


    Product Parameters 

     Product & Model        Properties       Unit         Value   Method of Measurement

      Silver Nanowires 


             Diameter        nm       40±5             SEM/TEM
              Length       um        25~35             SEM/TEM
               Purity          /    >99.95%        Elemental Analysis
          Appearance          /



             Visual Inspection              Dispersed in solvent 
      Molecular Weight          /        108                      /
              Solvent     Water / Ethanol / Isopropanol OR Customized 
        Concentration       5mg/ml,10mg/ml,20mg/ml OR Customized 

    Packing specification :1L / 5L / 10L / 25L / 50L / 100L / Customized

    Product Applications

         Optical Field    Conductive Field Anti-microbial Field   Chemical & Thermal Field 

    Solar cell ( crystalline silicon,thin film on glass & PET)

    Touch screens ( AgNW based transparent 

    conductive films )

          Air & Water                 purification



    Medical imaging

    Conductive Adhesives


    Anti-bacterial films       Chemical gas sensors

    Flexible displays/

    Optical limiters

      High-intensity LEDs

     Food preservation                  Pastes

    Surface plasmonic 


    Liquid crystal displays Anti-bacterial fabrics                 Polymers

    Product Usage & Attention Matters :

    ① Silver nanowires may precipitate due to the high length-diameter ratio. Before use , please shake it evenly by hand . After use, please seal preservation.

    ② Recommend process:  Slot-die, Micro-gravure, Roll to Roll coating technologies etc.

    ③ Sealing preservation under normal temperature : 5 to 35 ℃

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